What is CIMAR?

Marine Science and Limnology  Research Center (CIMAR: for its acronym in spanish) is a multidisciplinary scientific research unit attached to the Vice-Rector for Research of the University of Costa Rica. The center is organized in programs and research projects, in addition to Modules Support for specific projects. 

The scientific group comprises experts from different academic units of the University of Costa Rica. Also, academic links with specialists from national Related Institutions have, with which there are cooperation agreements. 

CIMAR carries, since 1979, research on aquatic ecosystems of Costa Rica, this work is summarized in more than 890 publications in international scientific journals that emphasize the study of aquatic biodiversity and the processes associated with their sustainable management, including assessment environmental pollution, environmental impact studies and exploration of unconventional resources . Its scientists have produced much of the scientific information available to the Gulf of Papagayo , especially Culebra Bay , Gulf of Nicoya , Golfo Dulce, the southern Caribbean, and more recently in Coco Island.

The research has been developed in various aquatic ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves, muddy beaches, seagrasses, pelagial ecosystem (including plankton) and freshwater environments (lakes, ponds and rivers) in the country. This research is based also on information developed by researchers in relation CIMAR (physical and chemical) processes associated oceanographic particularly marine environments. The center provides facilities for students System Graduate of the University of Costa Rica and universities in other countries, they execute their graduate thesis and, in many cases within the framework of current research projects.

CIMAR facilities are located within the City of Research.

This is the entrance to the building CIMAR, City Research, UCR.

Main Entrance of CIMAR

Our Mission

The Center for Marine and Limnology Science Research (CIMAR)develops scientific research to generate and disseminate new knowledge in marine and inland water science, which contributes to the conservation and decision-making of aquatic resources through an ecosystem approach and integrated management, projected Through dissemination, social action and teaching, at national, regional and global levels.

Our Vision

The Center for Marine Sciences and Limnology(CIMAR) seeks to position its leadership at the national level and become a Latin American and Caribbean entity in marine and inland water science research, whose production enriches the scientific heritage, contributes to the Public policy, definition of strategies for conservation and integrated management of aquatic resources, through high-level research, greater international linkage and effective dissemination.

Origins of CIMAR

During the Third University Congress, held in 1973, the structure of the research system was developed at the University of Costa Rica, through the creation of the Vice Presidency and the System of Graduate Studies. 

In the early 1970s, a group of researchers and conducting scientific work in the field of marine biology; These together with other researchers, who returned from abroad with doctorates in various fields, gradually joined the UCR. 

In late 1978, he joined the first Scientific Advisory Board CIMAR and in 1979 the Centre was officially established. Strengthening ties and cooperation agreements with regional and international CIMAR programs has been a priority since its founding.


CIMAR Objectives

  • Contribute to the development of Costa Rica, by generating knowledge, to promote the conservation and wise use of renewable and non-renewable water resources. 
  • Being a leading research center at national and international levels to generate scientific knowledge to support policy making level limnological and marine sciences. 
  • To convey that knowledge to relevant communities through social action. 
  • Support related Graduate Programs. 

Commemoration of the 35th Anniversary


The Center for Research in Sciences Marine and Limnology (CIMAR), celebrated 35 years since its founding, where he became involved Mr. Rector of the University of Costa Rica, Henning Jensen Pennington, for delivery of a commemorative medal for that path.

You can click on CIMAR 35 Años de cara al mar, lagos y lagunas and watching the news presented in the Semanario University on November 19, 2014.

Prueba descrip

From left to right:  José Antonio Vargas Zamora, Myrna López de Bussing, Gerardo Umaña Villalobos, Jorge Cortés Núñez, Henning Jensen Pennington, Alvaro Morales Ramírez, Manuel María Murillo Castro y Carlos Villalobos Solé.



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