What is Bioluminescence?

In simple words is when a change of color occurs in a body of water, whether sea water or fresh water, is generally blue-green tonality, noticeable only at night. And that is produced by microalgae and bioluminescent bacteria.

Lic. Rebeca Rojas Alfaro (Biologist Marine Biologist), graduated from the National University, Costa Rica, has initiated a citizen science project with the objective of collecting data on Aquatic Bioluminescence events in Costa Rica (freshwater and saltwater) for future research Scientific.

Note: The information requested will be used exclusively for scientific research, it will NOT be used in social network disclosures or advertising for commercial purposes.

If you have observed a color change in the sea, river, lagoon or any body of water, you can collaborate with the project of Lic. Rojas, completing the following formula.

You can also visit the Website to record reports of bioluminescent events.

Find us on Facebook how to: Bioluminiscencia Costa Rica, or follow us on Instagram how to: bioluminiscencia_ costarica

For more information or inquiries contact: Rebeca Rojas Alfaro /



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