V Latinoamerican Symposium of Polychaeta



The V Latin American symposium of Polychaeta will take place in Costa Rica from July 17-19 of 2018. The symposium will be held by the University of Costa Rica, as this institution generates information for this group in the Central American region. In addition, the Marine Science and Limnology Research Center (Centro de Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y Limnología, CIMAR) and the Museum of Zoology, welcome all researchers interested in participating in this meeting. The symposium is open to researchers from Latin America and other geographic regions that had or are working with the study of this group in Latin America.

Polychaete studies are still under development in some Latin American countries, for this reason the first Latin American Symposium was organized in Sao Pablo, Brazil, in 2006 (I SILPOLY). The second symposium was organized in 2009 in Mar de Plata, Argentina (II SILPOLY), the third time took place in Margarita Island, Venezuela in 2012 (III SILPOLY), and the fifth and last meeting was held in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 2015.

Polychaetes are a group of worms that represent more than 50% of the species inhabiting marine tropical benthic environments. Additionally, they are the second most diverse group of marine invertebrates, after mollusks, found in coral reefs and intertidal rocky areas. Some species have been reported in fresh water; however, studies of freshwater polychaetes are limited. Polychaetes are sources of food for coastal birds, fish and other invertebrates. Recent phylogenetic studies include sipunculans within polychaetes; as a result sipunculan studies will also be part of the symposium.

We look forward to meeting you in Costa Rica!



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