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Publicaciones del CIMAR en el 2017

Publicaciones más recientes del CIMAR para el año 2017.


Marine biodiversity baseline for Área de Conservación Guanacaste, Costa Rica: published records.

Febrero 6, 2017
The diversity of tropical marine organisms has not been studied as intensively as the terrestrial biota worldwide. Additionally, marine biodiversity research in...

Relationship between isoprene emission and photosynthesis in diatoms, and its implications for global marine isoprene estimates.

Enero 16, 2017
Global consensus estimates of marine isoprene emission (~ 1 TgC yr− 1) is significantly smaller than terrestrial isoprene...

Differentiation in reproductive traits of geminate mangrove crabs of the genus Aratus (Decapoda: Brachyura) across the Central American Isthmus.

Enero 16, 2017
The mangrove crab Aratus pisonii was considered to have an amphi-American distribution; however, a recent study...

Abundance and Distribution Patterns of Thunnus albacares in Isla del Coco National Park through Predictive Habitat Suitability Models.

Enero 16, 2017
Information on the distribution and habitat preferences of ecologically and commercially important species is essential for their management and protection. This is especially...

A Global Overview of the Conservation of Freshwater Decapod Crustaceans.

Enero 16, 2017
This book introduces updated information on conservation issues, providing an overview of what is needed to advance...

A new Muricea species (Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Octocorallia) from the eastern tropical Pacific.

Enero 16, 2017
The genus Muricea is considered abundant and widely distributed along the eastern Pacific. Its occurrence in shallow waters has been recognised; however species from deeper than...

Últimas Publicaciones del CIMAR en el 2016

A continuación, se muestran las últimas publicaciones del CIMAR para el año 2016.

Species Richness and Density of Seabirds in Isla del Coco Bays, Costa Rica, Related to the Occurrence of Breeding Colonies.

Octubre 12, 2016
Seabirds are an ecologically diverse group that inhabits all seas and oceans (Parsons et al. 2008). In a recent global assessment, Croxall et al. (2012) reported ~350 seabird...

Ecological assessments of the coral reef communities in the Eastern Caribbean and the effects of herbivory in influencing coral juvenile density and algal cover.

September 28, 2016
Caribbean reefs have been unevenly surveyed, with many areas lacking baseline data. In this study, the current status of Orbicella reefs...

Hydrogen production by immobilized Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Agosto 11, 2016
The marine macrofauna of the shallow sandy bottom of Isla del Coco, Costa...

Biodiversity and density of subtidal benthos of an oceanic tropical island (a comparison within the Pacific Ocean)

Agosto 11, 2016
The marine macrofauna of the shallow sandy bottom of Isla del Coco, Costa...

Brachiopods, sipunculans, enteropneusts, and metals from two estuarine tidal flats, Pacific, Costa Rica

Agosto 11, 2016
The objectives of this report are to make accessible data on the abundances (1984-1987, 49 dates) of...

Changes in mangrove coverage in Culebra Bay, North Pacific of Costa Rica (1945-2010)

Changes in abundance and community composition of coral reef zooplankton after 25 years in a Caribbean reef

Agosto 11, 2016
Coral reef zooplankton represents a key community in the coral reefs, as it is involved in trophic and biogeochemical dynamics, and...

Changes in mangrove coverage in Culebra Bay, North Pacific of Costa Rica (1945-2010)

Changes in mangrove coverage in Culebra Bay, North Pacific of Costa Rica (1945-2010)

Agosto 11, 2016
Despite the economic and environmental services that mangroves provide, they continue to be threatened by...


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